Virtual Tours

With the LEEPS Consulting 3D walkthrough, project teams can access virtual tours to enable full visibility of sites without the need to have personnel enter potentially dangerous or controlled environments…

Virtual tour example below, this includes additional Covid-19 safety information, if using a mobile please view in landscape for the best viewing experience!

The virtual tours offer safe arena for the following applications (but not limited to):

  • Stakeholder updates are easily communicated to give assurance of progress.
  • Engineering functions that are unable to dedicate time to attend sites, can have input or instigate changes from remote locations. 
  • The handback process for returning or signing over sites to the end users can be accelerated through virtual walkthrough and sign off.
  • Commercial application verification through virtual tours that can offer the Commercial and Programme Management functions, enabling the chance to see actual installation progress and finished standards.
  • Equipment familiarisation is also a fantastic way to ensure non consequential training can be delivered prior to personnel being able to operate the site equipment. 
  • Office Staff can see exactly what has been installed on site and build a more rounded knowledge of all project works within the tour.

Our virtual tours are VR ready with all forms of Virtual Reality Goggles, enhanced safety training and site familiarisation without costly and time consuming site visits.

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