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LEEPS Consulting provides a wide range of electrical safety events, particularly in the Rail Industry, as part of our objective to eliminate high voltage electricital accidents.

Supplementary Isolation Procedure Training

LEEPS Consulting has conducted SIPS training for a number of safety critical roles including COSS OLP, ECO, NP and APs. The new issue 5 of the Green Book (NR/L3/ELP/29987) includes a new Module which provides the overall rules for the enhanced securing of points of isolation on areas of new electrification. A 3-hour briefing on the application of Module X to the areas of new electrification. The session includes a look at the operation and securing of all types of motor operated switches. Suitable for Nominated Persons and Authorised Persons.

Electrical Accidents

LEEPS Consulting provides courses aimed at the prevention of electrical accidents on 25kV conductors, DC electrified lines, Substations and Rolling Stock depots. Where appropriate the courses will focus on historical accidents. The sessions include effective risk assessment and control measures to prevent future incidents. These workshops are aimed at leaders, supervisors, engineers and staff who plan to in these environments.Coming soon:- Substation and 750V dc Electrical Accidents.

Electrical Life Saving Rules for Leaders

The life-saving rules are mandated across the UK rail industry and are making a significant contribution to improving safety performance. The simple nature of each rule often provokes challenge and need for further understanding by the work force practitioners. The facilitation of these workforce discussions can be one of the most difficult skills for leaders and managers. We provide a practical 3-hour workshop which improves the effective application of the rules by safety critical staff. Suitable for any leader or manager involved with staff that must apply the lifesaving rules.

Substation Awareness

To combat the relatively high number of substation accidents and incidents that have occurred since 2005, LEEPS Consulting provide an HV Sub Station Awareness Course. This is designed to give you an understanding of the dangers and associated safety requirements within these environments. It will focus on electrical hazards, different types of HV equipment and the precautions you should take to prevent danger to both yourself and others. Supporting and working with companies to assess the effectiveness and make improvements to electrical safety, skills. Suitable for Managers, Supervisors, Cable Containment and Cable Installation, Civil Groundworks Staff.

Workshops coming soon…
  • Key 750V dc Electrical Accidents and the lessons we learn
  • Traction Power Electrical Safety in Rolling Stock Depots and Sidings
  • Key Substation Electrical Accidents and the lessons we learn
  • Electrical Safety for Non-Electrification staff

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LEEPS Consulting provides a wide range of safety services which are bespoke to the client’s needs and not specific to the Rail Industry. As well as the main safety services listed below we have also completed one-off engagements in areas as diverse as abandoned cable identification, strategic asset security and the independent review of isolation diagrams and instructions. Each of our products listed below can be multi-client or can be single-client arranged at the client’s convenience

leeps training


LEEPS Consulting is passionate about leadership development and has a track record of supporting SME with access to the latest in development tools and experiences.
Our interactive workshops challenge and engage leaders to expand their range of leadership communication styles and coaching capabilities.


Team and Individual coaching skills delivery built on the ILM coaching methods and models.

Risk Assessments

Workshops covering the legal requirements for effective risk assessment tailored to support designers of infrastructure and those responsible for either planning or executing safe systems of work.


LEEPS Consulting has delivered several training events for electrical control operators and engineers. These events have included SCADA, safety documentation and senior authorised person skills training.

CASE STUDY – Please read our RJ Power Case Study where we implemented an Leadership Coaching Programme – View Case Study

Available courses

Coaching skills for Frontline Leaders

Based on the Institute of Management and Leadership models and techniques this course offers the opportunity to frontline leaders to engage with the coaching approach to management. The course is suitable for staff with little or no experience of coaching and is designed to provide an insight into coaching behaviours. It has a practical feel and develops skills through realistic workplace exercises.


Employee Engagement is optimising the productivity and employee satisfaction within your team, resulting in better organisational performance and reduced staff turnover. Developing a highly functional team involves engaging your employees in an effective manner. LEEPS Consulting can assist you with this by advising where your organisation is thriving and where it is struggling, what keeps your employees engaged and motivated and how to decrease employee turnover.  We provide important Mental Health Awareness training courses with skills on how best to support your employees.

Our core elements include:-

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