• Client: RJ Power Group
  • Location: Horsham
  • Industry: Rail
  • Completed: December 2018


RJ Power Rail Limited (RJPR) is an electrical contractor working in the UK rail electrification sector. Two years ago, it sought to expand its operations and implemented a strategy, to transition from being a sub-contracting organisation, to becoming a Principal Contractor, delivering works on behalf of Network Rail (NR) in its own right.

This ‘step-up’ required a different approach to its relationship both with NR and with its own staff.  By becoming a principal contractor, RJPR would be managing worksites and would be responsible for all their own safety, operational and environmental management activities. The Senior Leadership Team recognised that the proactivity and commitment of its staff would be key in the successful transformation of the business.

RJPR decided to embark on a long term Cultural and Safety Change Programme to ascertain and monitor the cultural maturity of the organisation and commissioned LEEPS Consulting in April (2018) to facilitate this programme. The initiative commenced with a survey designed to ascertain staff perceptions on the safety and cultural operating environment of the organisation.  It was hoped that the results would identify areas of non-alignment  between the perceptions and requirements of Senior Leaders and those operating at the frontline. This feedback would then be used to shape management strategies do address areas of non-alignment.


At the initial engagement launch meeting, LEEPS worked closely with RJPR to identify the key areas of staff culture that they wished to measure and positively affect.  LEEPS used the following topics to construct and execute their staff survey;

> Team – improved communication, proactive problem solving and influencing.

> Alignment – Workforce, management and client alignment to the Vision and Brand.

> Principal Contractor – Understanding and commitment to the differences between PC and subcontractor cultures.

> Safety – Positive, proactive safety culture.

The survey was presented to staff, maintaining the same format agreed in the management survey, with questions from the 5 areas of interest ordered randomly. In addition to the survey, LEEPS conducted one to one interviews with frontline staff to ascertain their views and opinions on culture and safety. The discussions focussed on the strengths and weaknesses of the organisational cultures.


Once the results had been accumulated and analysed by LEEPS, a workshop was held with RJPRs’ senior management and front-line staff.  The interactive workshop encouraged open and engaging discussions amongst all and offered LEEPS the opportunity to put across recommendations to the team for promoting positive change and success. 

RJPR Director, Peter White, confirmed work had commenced on addressing the recommendations. ”Communications within the team was a big issue and things have now improved. Front-line staff feel more included, thus bridging the gap between ‘them’ and ‘us’ “.

The impact of the changes continues to be monitored and a further survey will be conducted later in the year to evaluate progress.


We deliver a quality service through short, cost effective interventions based on the latest behavioural and technical thinking.  Our resources are drawn from a pool of technical, safety and behavioural experts, who always recognise the primary business objective.  

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