LEEPS - RJPower Group

Leadership Programme



  • Client: RJ Power Group
  • Location: Horsham and Polhill
  • Industry: Rail, Private Networks and Connections
  • Completed: February 2019


RJ Power Group Limited is a specialist electrical group providing engineering solutions to the power and rail industry. The organisation has grown steadily from its beginnings in rail and has transformed into a group with three distinct operating divisions and a shared services headquarters. The continuing success of the company is underpinned by the leadership team communicating and collaborating across the new divisional structure.

In 2019, LEEPS was approached by the group CEO, Glenn Rowatt, to undertake a coaching programme for the full leadership team.  Glenn chose LEEPS Consulting due to our ability to ingrain self-awareness principles within an organisation in a way that has both simplicity and depth. Along with the value of the learning curriculum itself, the model supported RJ Power leaders to facilitate sessions internally hence providing cost effective scalability.


The RJ Power Group leadership team completed a market leading psychometric questionnaire focusing on their leadership style, decision making and communication preferences. LEEPS Consulting facilitated sessions on the underpinning theory  to identify the practical application of the knowledge, hence improving their key relationships in the workplace.


As part of the programme, the RJ Power Group leadership team were able to use the language of the profiles to determine their challenges, opportunities and the strengths across the team.

The team have become more mindful of how their colleagues like to work, prefer to communicate and are best approached. This learning has had a positive impact across the three businesses by increasing individual self-awareness and communication skills and in helping people to give and receive feedback.  It has sparked a beneficial interest in the team around how and why they all communicate differently.

Rob Training
Rob Training


We deliver a quality service through short, cost effective interventions based on the latest behavioural and technical thinking.  Our resources are drawn from a pool of technical, safety and behavioural experts, who always recognise the primary business objective.  


“RJ Power Group have recently completed the leadership coaching programme for the Directors and Senior Managers within the company.
The feedback on the presentation and content was very positive. Everyone who attended, found the presentation enjoyable and informative. The style in which Rob Sherrin (Director of LEEPS) delivered his presentation was excellent; he explained each section carefully and allowed time for all to recognise their own characteristics within the programme. Rob has a very calm and relaxed approach and encouraged each individual to add their own thoughts and comments.
Everyone said they were surprised at how much they enjoyed the day and that they found it so interesting. They said they could identify their strengths and weaknesses from their profiles and found the suggestions to help improve their communication skills for each of the categories to be very useful.  
I would highly recommend LEEPS and the programme to any industry looking to develop their employee and leadership teams.”

RJ Power Group

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