Supplementary Isolation



  • Client: Network Rail
  • Location: Swindon, Reading & Didcot
  • Industry: Rail
  • Completed: November 2018


LEEPS Consulting were engaged by Network Rail to support the development and delivery of a supplementary isolation procedure which would complement the new 25kV electrification programme and improve compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

The training programme focused on the enhanced securing of points of isolation, with personal safety locks replacing the standard operational locks of the historical practices. These improvements were a fundamental requirement of gaining the regulatory ‘authority to energise’ the new electrification works and involved the training of some 500 plus isolation and earthing staff. The training was completed at times and locations convenient to the workforce shifts and depots.

Training Development and Delivery Solutions:

> LEEPS facilitated the design of the supplementary isolation process and ensured that lessons learned from other regional initiatives were built into the process design.

> LEEPS worked with the client and assurance bodies to lead and facilitate hazard identification and risk management exercises.

> A modular training design was adopted and implemented, tailored to the various safety competencies affected by the new process.

> Desktop pilot sessions were organised and led to finalise the new process and hone the training materials.

> Prior to the training and during the roll-out of the new processes, LEEPS supported several ‘Town Hall’ briefing events and union consultation meetings.

> LEEPS delivered the required training to Network Rail staff and all the specialist isolation and earthing contractors that operated on the Western Route.

> Throughout the implementation of the new processes and during the first 12 months of operation, LEEPS provided updates and improvements to the processes as operational experience was gained by the isolation and earthing staff.

Network Rail - Isolation


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