Single Approach



  • Client: Network Rail
  • Location: Milton Keynes Quadrant
  • Industry: Rail
  • Completed: November 2018

Network Rail (NR) is the owner and infrastructure manager of most of the railway network in Great Britain. The NR Electrical Safety Delivery programme aims to deliver several electrical safety improvements which will decrease the traction power risk profile, one of LEEPS key aims. Specifically, the Single Approach to Isolations (SAI) project includes an updated approach for working on or near 25kV overhead line equipment, which is safer and robustly compliant to the Electricity at Work Regulations, 1989 (EaWR).

LEEPS Consulting were engaged by NR to provide technical expertise in the development of the detailed processes and training materials together with an engagement to lead pilot studies and to train the in-house trainers. The new standard is sufficiently different to existing processes that it is to be trialled on London North West (LNW) Route.

On completion of the trial, the objective is to implement the new standard nationally following the incorporation of any necessary changes that have been highlighted during the trial within the LNW Route.

Aims and Objectives:

> Improve electrical risk assessment processes and competence

> Categorise work on the basis of the electrical risks identified and the relationship with the EaWR89 (justification)

> Deploy appropriate control measures based on the risks and categorisation of work

> Improve documentation such that it retains the risk and control measure information throughout the engineering work planning process

Case Study - LEEPS Consulting


> LEEPS Trainers thrive in the environment where materials are new and untried as their underpinning expertise and varied training experiences support successful sessions.

> LEEPS collaborated effectively with the client training development specialists to improve the materials as the various review and pilots were undertaken.

> LEEPS trainers experience of working with the frontline electrification staff over many years provided a firm basis of respect and understanding which aided efficient knowledge and skill development by the candidates.

> In addition, LEEPS participated and contributed to the technical safety approvals and hazid identification work-streams.


The pilot training has been a great success and the next steps in the overall trial are continuing to progress. LEEPS are involved in the next stages within the LNW Trial, which has also led to requests for a similar type of service provision within other NR Routes.

The candidates, participants and stakeholders continue to be positive and enthused with regard to the processes and delivery of the trial.


We deliver a quality service through short, cost effective interventions based on the latest industry information, standards and customer requirements. Our resources are drawn from a pool of technical, safety and behavioural experts, who always recognise the primary business objective. 


“I have worked with LEEPS (Rob, Jamie and Ian) on the AC Single Approach to Isolations project within the Electrical Safety Delivery Programme since January 2018, and to say they have made my life easier is an understatement. 
The team at LEEPS are very collaborative and forthcoming with any knowledge they can share from past experiences; they challenge the team where necessary and are happy to take accountability for anything that we threw at them.
 Not only are they great at what they do, but they are extremely easy to work with and we definitely couldn’t have achieved what we have to date without their input and guidance.”

Electrical Safety Delivery Programme – Network Rail

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